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Jesus the Redeemer

May 12, 2021
It would be very strange if a child ever whipped out his checkbook to reimburse his parents for bringing him to life. One could try to put a dollar amount on the medical bills, the nursery expenses, the food consumed, the diapers ruined, the hourly rate of the parent. But this is all an obvious absurdity. 

History Is A Memory. Tradition Is Alive.

March 30, 2021
King James IV of Scotland (r.1488-1512), one of the last Catholic monarchs of Scotland, was considered a true Renaissance man devoted to learning and enlightened rule. In addition to his pursuits in science and the arts, he had a particular interest in language and its origins. He was a polyglot and the last King of […]

The Saints We Touch: The Example of Ordinary Holiness

August 5, 2020
I’ve never been good at initiating hugs. I’m pro-hugging, and very much so, it’s just that I’ve always felt awkward with being the first to spread his arms and move in for the hug. “Zubair,” Louis Coker, OFS, would say before spreading his arms and moving in on me, “my brother.” He had a knack […]

My Journey From Muslim to Catholic

July 1, 2020
“How did you go from Islam to Catholicism?” I’ve been asked that several times since my confirmation in 2012. I don’t mind answering this question at all. The problem has typically been that I’ve been asked this in such a setting in which I’ve only had only a few minutes to give an answer. The […]

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Be Not Afraid: 5 Ways to Have Hope in Dark Times

October 25, 2019
Among Catholics who love our Lord Jesus, there is a great deal of interior suffering and perplexity of late. The reason is no mystery. The forces of evil have been unleashed on the world, and the the spirit of wickedness, the spirit of anti-Christ, grows ever stronger, like the thick, black clouds of a threatening […]

Attention and the Sacrament of the Present Moment

August 27, 2019
Of all the faculties of human nature, one of the most powerful is that of attention. What we choose to attend to to a great degree shapes our experience of the world for good or ill. Our intellectual faculties are limited, and we simply cannot pay attention to all the visual or auditory stimuli we […]

All Roads Lead to Rome: 10 Reasons to Become Catholic

June 14, 2019
“The difficulty of explaining ‘why I am a Catholic’ is that there are ten thousand reasons all amounting to one reason: that Catholicism is true.” – G.K. Chesterton Many of you know that I am a convert to the Catholic church. Why, you may wonder, would anyone, especially in the 21st century, join such an […]

Honor Your Father and Mother: The Importance of Tradition Today

March 28, 2019
A common trope in popular films is a character who loses his memory and has to rediscover the truth about who he is. These films can be big budget action thrillers, dramas about aging, or cheesy chick flicks. But regardless of the genre, these films are compelling because they reflect the fact that losing one’s […]

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