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St. John Paul II’s Message to America is More Timely Than Ever

November 4, 2020
I share the following homily of John Paul II from October 8, 1995 at Camden Yards, Baltimore, slightly edited for clarity. It is short and to the point, and in these divided times, it reminds our nation of eternal truths that are more relevant and timely than ever.  “Oh, that today you would hear his […]

The Biblical Boots of the Papacy

January 20, 2015
Do you remember that one scene in Toy Story when Sheriff Woody, unsure of his vocation, doubts his authority over the rest of the gang? Woody’s been insulted and abandoned, his motives have been questioned, threats to domestic security are only getting scarier, and he’s feeling very, well, very human. It’s been a long story, […]

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