Three Words That Can Save Your Marriage

May 19, 2015
Guys hate asking for directions. You know the stereotype: The family is on vacation, and they are hopelessly lost in an unfamiliar place. Dad is behind the wheel and he’s convinced he can find his way. The wife helpfully suggest stopping to ask a local for directions, but the husband snaps back that he is […]

G. K. Chesterton: It’s Not Gay, and It’s Not Marriage

May 4, 2015
  One of the pressing issues of Chesterton’s time was “birth control.” He not only objected to the idea, he objected to the very term because it meant the opposite of what it said. It meant no birth and no control. I can only imagine he would have the same objections about “gay marriage.” The idea […]

Porn Destroyed My Marriage and I Hate It

April 16, 2015
Last week, I wrote a post about how dangerous porn is; how it destroys your relationships with God and others, how it kills your soul, and how it enslaves you. Perhaps some thought I was exaggerating or simply being shrill. That’s why I want to share a real-life story left in the comments of last week’s […]

Marriage and Fatherhood: Adventures in Humility

March 10, 2015
Fatherhood seems to be on a decline these days. From portrayals of the “idiot dad” in commercials to the epidemic of single mothers, there is a real problem that goes beyond just our modern culture. Men love adventure, and the real secret of fatherhood is that there is an adventure every day. We’re not talking […]

Get Married, Young Man, Part 2: What is Marriage?

December 20, 2013
This post is part of a series on dating and marriage. In the previous post, I wrote about the importance of dating intentionally— that is, dating with the clear goal of marriage. But before we go any further, I believe it is important to define what a true, sacramental marriage actually is, especially in light […]

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