In Praise of Little Things (and Raising Little Ones)

June 26, 2024
If we neglect the little things, we neglect everything. The big things (marriage, careers, friendships, children) are made of the little things (an unnoticed good deed, a phone call with a friend, sharing a compliment just because).

Breaking the Idolatry of “Love”

May 22, 2024
Anyone in a successful marriage will attest that love entails sacrifice. Cultivating stable, harmonious family bonds is a life-long challenge. While love is something to be embraced, limerence is something to be discarded.

Fatherhood and the Rise of Pornography

April 3, 2024
God wants all men to be strong leaders, providers, and protectors. By recognizing our wounds and turning to God, and professionals when needed, the attachment wounds that fuel addiction can be healed!

Handling Toxic Relationships

February 21, 2024
Marriage is tough, it comes with incomparable joys, as well as intense sorrow. When two people, both fallen and broken, enter into a loving marriage they must expect struggles and sacrifices. It is through these challenges that their love will be purified and they become witnesses to a profound commitment mostly lacking in today's world. Today we read through a secular blog that offers reasons men should consider divorce, using this as a sort of bellwether of society to get to the right understanding of marriage and how this is all horrible advice. We do our best to tread with dignity discussing the interior lives of the men brought up in the article but are honest about the falsehoods that they espouse. Learn about these 4 enemies and how to apply the practices we discuss. In addition, today we get to answer a question from a listener who asks about balancing his pursuit of a high-performance professional job and raising a family. Today we discuss a great plan to not only improve and become like Christ this Lent, but also a strategy to continue as a new man this Easter and beyond. We discuss man's need for temptation and how Satan gains entrance into our lives. We unpack why you need to know the tactics of Satan, how understanding this can provide clarity in your lives, and how you can be battle-ready to protect yourself against his attacks.

Boundaries – 5 Tips to Maintain Chastity

January 10, 2024
Avoiding pornography requires a person to set clear boundaries with people, places, things, technology, and situations that might lead him to return to pornography use.

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