Helping Women Understand Men – 3 Things

December 27, 2023
Today John, Devin, and Sam engage in a meaningful conversation covering 3 important things that women do not understand about men. In this episode, you will find topics that are often unspoken between the sexes but create confusion, tension, and oftentimes emotional pain in our relationships with women. You are going to hear topics on stress, insecurities, beauty, and work, and why men react the way they do from a perspective unique to our masculinity. Additionally, we will discuss proven practices aimed at fostering healing and increased understanding of how these differences can work for our mutual improvement.

What Women Don’t Understand About Men

December 20, 2023
WARNING, this episode contains adult content, all within the sound teaching and wisdom of the Catholic Church, that may not be suitable for younger listeners. Today John, Devin, and Sam engage in an honest conversation about their collective insights gained over the years regarding women's lack of understanding of men. In this episode, we examine topics that often remain unspoken but are crucial for fostering deeper connections and loving relationships. We discuss the undeniable differences between the sexes, from a biological, mental, physical, and spiritual standpoint. By bringing to light these differences, we move to promote a better understanding of men and bring clarity to women, so that we can help each other grow in holiness and love.

Kid Catholics

December 14, 2023
Humanity was created to grow toward virtue, which is nothing but the maturity of man’s created nature supported by grace. Being a “better Christian” in Sacred Scripture has little to do with what we might call enthusiasm; it is called maturity.

The Problem Behind The Problem Of Video Games

November 15, 2023
Games give the sense of achievement and identity that traditional rites of passage would have done.  And this is why the insecurity in their reactions is so palpable – you’re attacking who they are, not just what they do.

Why You Need a Rule of Life & How to Make One

October 4, 2023
Very often I encounter Catholic men that desire to grow in holiness- whether this is to learn more about their faith, grow in prayer or tackle a serious sin in their life- but very often they are not sure exactly where to start. The challenge can be overwhelming (especially if we have been away from […]

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