Addictions, Extreme Excellence, and Total Conversion

May 10, 2023
In this episode, I speak with David Kruse, a business owner who has lived with an obsession for achievement, a drug addiction, overcoming anxiety, seminary, and ultimately marriage. He shares with us his inspiring conversion to the Faith, the practice of perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. Learn how these qualities helped David overcome his struggles and achieve success by turning to grace and living with a confident abandonment to God's will. His story will encourage you to embrace your own challenges and strive for more in your life.

Consecration Prayer to St. Joseph

March 13, 2023
O St. Joseph predestined and chosen by God from among men, you received the glorious honor of being the chaste, guardian of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Inflamed with divine love you received her as your beloved wife and through her God bestowed upon you the most privileged distinction of being the virginal father of God the Son.

Your Wife Doesn’t Feel Loved: 8 Warning Signs

January 1, 2023
A wife’s number one need is to be secure in love. Notice the nuance. Not just loved… She wants to be “Secure” in her husband’s love. Certainty is the key element. A wife who is certain of her husband’s love for her will make her husband feel loved. She will be more confident, which affords […]

The Power

July 21, 2022
I could have the power. If I had faith, true faith, I could work miracles. But I don’t, so I can’t. Thank heavens for that, because there’s no telling what I’d do. But then that’s false, isn’t it, since if I had that kind of faith I wouldn’t pull any shenanigans: no petitioning God to […]

Opening Day, Catholicism, and Looking Up to the Saints

April 7, 2022
The greatest heroes will always be those who can leave it all behind, for the sake of God.

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