The Gentleman’s List (11-18-2013)

November 18, 2013

Hello, gents, and welcome to the first Gentleman’s List. The goal of the List is to highlight great blogs, apostolates, religious orders, men’s organizations, and more from around the world. If you’d like to submit your project, click here. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Jesus and Mary,

Sam Guzman
The Catholic Gentleman

Religious Orders

Religious Orders

The Knights of the Holy Eucharist – The Knights of the Holy Eucharist seek to encourage reverent devotion to the Holy Eucharist in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi.


Pipe, Pint, and Cross Club – For the Catholic gentleman who enjoys the discussion of all things beer, pipes and Catholicism! Not necessarily in that order. Catholic men gathering in an informal way to discuss the important things in life. Engaging in lively discussion, having a few laughs, hefting a few pints, surrounded by pipe and cigar smoke, challenging one another to live as better Christian men. Click here to learn how to form your own club.

Conquest Clubs – Conquest clubs trains boys to become self-disciplined and confident young men, Catholic leaders who possess moral integrity and are committed to improving the communities in which they live.

Upper Room Adoration – Upper Room Adoration is a Holy Hour before the Lord present in the Eucharist. Featuring praise and worship music, guided meditation and periods of sacred silence, Upper Room Adoration is a unique and prayerful way to bring the ancient practice of Eucharistic Adoration to a new generation of Catholics.

Men of St. Joseph – The Men of St. Joseph is an association of Christian men, united under the Catholic Church, who meet weekly to pray together and encourage each other to be the spiritual leaders of their families. The purpose of the Men of St. Joseph is to instill holiness in men and facilitate spiritual leadership in family and community life.


The Liturgy Guy – Life, liturgy, and the pursuit of holiness. For an excellent introduction to this blog, check out the post “Real Men Go To Mass.

The Catholic Dormitory – A blog encouraging men to “fall in love with the Bride of Christ, His Church.”

Cross of Christ Militia – A purely internet-based Catholic group, Cross of Christ Militia aims to promote & defend Christ, his Cross, & his Holy Catholic Church. Through blog posts & graphics, the Militia hopes not only to help evangelize, but also to strengthen and rally Catholics who are ready to take the next step in their journey to heroic virtue.

Outward Signs – A blog of images highlighting the beauty of Catholicism.

Mary’s Knights – Mary’s Knights is a blog encouraging men to learn about virtue, to practice it, and to serve Our Lady faithfully.

The Thursday Collective – A blog of essays dedicated to overcoming labels and defending the dignity of man.

Sam Guzman


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  1. Erik Ho says

    I’ve been looking for a Catholic guys community for a long time. My wife seems to have a plethora of catholic-homeschooling-etc moms to connect with online and in our town. I, however, have done without, feeling maybe there just wasn’t a need for or interest in men’s fellowship. I started my own blog a while ago hoping to do what you are doing here, but lost momentum and the time to build my page up. This is awesome.

    • Paul Mylod says

      Go to That Man Is You at This is a men’s ministry started in Houston in 2004. I felt the same way you do about 3 years ago and so I went out and started a chapter of TMIY with a friend of mine. We now have 30 men who regularly go every week and, as a result, 30 new close friends. Give it a try. Sometimes we have to be the change we seek to want around us…

  2. dstmaurice says

    Dear Sam: here is an ebook that could please the ‘crowd’. It’s a gift from me, but it could be advertized as ebook worth buying…

    Keep the good work,

    Fr Denis saint-Maurice, Québec City, canada

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