Introducing Catholic Gentleman T-Shirts!

June 13, 2014
How you will feel wearing a CG t-shirt!
How you will feel wearing a classy CG t-shirt!

For months now, I’ve been getting requests for Catholic Gentleman t-shirts. And now they’re finally here!

These fun and sturdy cotton tees sport the bold tiara and pipes logo, and they’ll let the world know that you’re a Catholic gentleman extraordinaire.

The tees currently come in white, grey, or tan, and they’re currently available for pre-order.

What are you waiting for? Order yours today! (While you’re at it, pick up some infallibly roasted CG coffee)


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Sam Guzman


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  1. RB says

    As to symbols of maly catholicism, perhaps a mug of coffee, a desk lamp and some reading glasses on a table with the bible would be more manly and catholic.Manly is also praying the rosary. I really dont get the smoking pipes and kings crown, its just not there.

    Its much like that site , they sell gear, one of which is a t-shirt with a real cool logo. The logo says it all if you have a chance to see it. Its very good!
    Problem is backside of t-shirt has emblazened on it. Much like wearing an “Eat at Joes” billboard.

    I walk around as a man praying the rosary, I let people see me do it in public at all sorts of places. I dangle and twirl the rosary as I’m praying it in hopes that others can notice what I’m doing, but dang if I’m going to wear a shirt with logo AND a website advertisement on it. Their baseball cap w/ logo is also cool, but once again the backside of it has the website in white lettering on it…I blacked it out with a black marker satisfactorily. So I only ordered their baseball cap, the t-shirt would have been nice but without their website advertising but they dont offer that.

    I dont get your logo!It neither promotes the bible nor the rosary. It only promotes your website I suppose. It does not seem appealing, but its your thing. Good Luck!
    I’m also wondering if your showing the backside of these T-shirts, do they have a website address on them also?

  2. MG says

    I am not a smoker, but I understand the pipes as well as the Papal crown and as much as I hate being a walking billboard (full websites or name of companies) on my shirt or cap. Helping others find your website and learn how to be a better Catholic man is a good thing.

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