A Call to Hope

October 3, 2014

Wherever you look these days, there are causes for fear. Islamic brutality is on the march, and our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are suffering greatly. Ebola is spreading quickly, with fears it could become a global pandemic. There is conflict in the Church hierarchy leading up to the synod on the family. And much, much more.

How are to respond to these crises as faithful Catholics? In answer to that question, I want to try something new today: my very first video blog.

Please note, this video was completely spontaneous and it is about as rough and amateurish as you can get. To make matters worse, I have a cold, making me sound stuffy and nasal. But while the video quality is inferior and the messenger is weak, I hope the content of this short video will encourage you in these dark times.

Sam Guzman


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Reader Interactions


  1. E. Spear says

    Dear Sam,

    What a great way to start our day with such sincere words of hope from you. May God Continue to Bless you and your family and your work 🙂

    E. Spear

  2. kph52013 says

    The absolute fact that you personally express so well–God is always with us no matter the circumstances–is key to trust, and therefore, hope–not just as words but real human actions.

  3. Frank says

    Sorry Sam I could not call it up if it’s on Facebook I avoid that also twitter nonetheless I applaud you and know your vid was great from the other comments your fellow brother of the passion of Christ within Sanctuary House…

    Papa frank

  4. jeremyrgarton says

    Very good word of Hope, Faith and Love!! Just what I needed as I see myself getting to wrapped up in today’s current events. Thanks and God Bless, Jeremy


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