The Catholic Gentleman’s 2015 Gift Guide

November 27, 2015

Christmas is coming, and many of your are looking for the perfect gift for the Catholic man in your life. Yet, we men can be hard to buy for sometimes! Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

The last time I did a Christmas gift guide was two years ago, and that list is quite a bit out of date. So without further ado, here is the Catholic Gentleman’s 2015 Christmas gift guide!

Be Not Afraid: A Book of Quotes for Catholic Men

Screenshot at Nov 23 20-08-10The Holy Catholic Church has produced thousands upon thousands of saints. Among them were countless authentic men who knew that holiness is the highest calling, the supreme vocation of every man.

Some were swashbuckling soldiers like St. Ignatius Loyola. Others were converted Lotharios like St. Augustine. Still others were peaceful hermits like St. Peter Damian. Though they have long since been laid to rest, the heroic lives of these men still shake the world. And these men still speak to us today. They teach us how to be courageous, how to suffer, how to grow in virtue, and ultimately, how to find God, the true end of every man. These are their words.

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The Catholic Gentleman Rosary

This manly rosary features gunmetal steel beads and the durability of paracord. Its strength reminds us to “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power” (Eph. 6:10). It is the perfect gift for any Catholic man.

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The one decade Catholic Gentleman rosary is designed to be compact and portable. It is an excellent accessory for a keychain or backpack—so you’ll never be caught unprepared!

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Mystic Monk Coffee

Mystic Monk makes some of the best coffee anywhere. And it just happens to be made by traditional Carmelites in Wyoming! Seriously, these monks bring true art to their coffee making. You won’t regret buying a bag—or several.

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Catholic Beard Balm

What Catholic man wouldn’t want his gloriously full beard to smell like chrism? Or frankincense? Keep that mane looking fine and emit the odor of sanctity at the same time with Catholic Beard Balm!

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Dappled Things Quarterly

Easter-2014-cover-209x300The Catholic faith is known for its extraordinary art and equally extraordinary artists. Dappled Things continues this venerable artistic tradition, combining art, faith, and ideas in a unique blend of beautiful photography and visual art, poetry, short stories, essays, and more—all with God and the Catholic faith at the center. It is the ultimate journal for the cultured Catholic Gentleman. Special 30% off discount for readers of the Catholic Gentleman!

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Anything from Daniel Mitsui

millefleur_thomas_anselm2Believe it or not, fine Catholic artists didn’t die out in the Middle Ages. Daniel Mitsui is a real artisan who crafts incredible works of art with pen, paper, and other print media. He recently sent me a print of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Anselm of Canterbury (image left), and the detail is exquisite. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of his high quality prints, or better yet, commission him to create something new for you. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

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Cordbands Rosary

A Cordbands rosary is like a steel plated Humvee. Or maybe a tank. Or basically anything indestructible and incredibly manly. These rosaries have names like “Rattlesnake” and “Viper” and one of them even features skulls. Cordbands rosaries aren’t for sissies—they are the ultimate weapon for the ultimate prayer warrior. And they look great to boot. Make the devils tremble and get yours today.

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“Now Is the Time” Audiobook

Some people think good radio drama is a thing of the past. Not quite! Professional Catholic radio broadcaster, Mike Austin, records the gripping tale of a young, wealthy man who travels the world looking for the next adventure.  He finds himself in the Arctic where he runs into a priest who ministers to the natives and lives a sparse existence in a cave.  He comes to realize that life is not about the next adventure and that now is the time to do what it takes to get to heaven. This complete dramatization includes sound effects, dialogue, and more!

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New Saint Thomas Institute Subscription

A true Catholic Gentleman knows how to think well and understands the big ideas of the faith. Yet, Catholic philosophy and theology can be intimidating for some. Enter the New Saint Thomas Institute. The New Saint Thomas Institute, lead by Dr. Taylor Marshall, makes philosophy and theology easy and accessible for anyone through high definition video lectures. Start earning your certificate in Theology today!

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Fraternitas Subscription

monk-weathered-2-large-colorFraternitas is a book club for Catholic men. It features awesome, high-quality Catholic books, discussion forums, and exclusive webinars with Catholic leaders.

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Accountability Software

It’s a fact that 1 out of 2 men regularly watches pornography. Even worse, most young men say they encountered pornography before the age of 12. While there are many tools in the battle for purity, an important one is internet accountability software. Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability monitors the websites visited, the search terms used, and the YouTube videos watched, and lists them in an easy-to-read Report that is designed to start a conversation about healthy online habits. It enables parents to see where kids go online and helps adults reduce Internet temptations and protect the relationships they value most.

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Tobacco Pipe

There are few things as relaxing as smoking with a beautiful briar pipe. The smooth wood in your hand, the craftsmanship, the aromatic clouds of smoke encircling one’s head—all these combine to create an experience worthy of a gentleman. I recommend Stanwell, Boswell, Missouri Meerschaum, or Icarus pipes to start. If you don’t know what kind of pipe to get, try a handy starter kit.

Bow Tie

Bow ties are a great way to look sharp, while at the same time saying you don’t take yourself too seriously. I recommend anything from Beau Ties as they are high quality and handmade in the USA.

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Fountain Pen

Screenshot at Nov 26 12-44-36Fountain pens, like all things of quality, are about refinement. Yes, you can write adequately with any old pen, but when you hold a weighty writing instrument in your hand, the experience changes. A quality pen doesn’t just write, it glides, giving you unprecedented control.

If you’re looking for a good low-end fountain pen brand, check our Retro 51. I have at least one of theirs, at it’s a great entry level pen. If you want something a little higher end, check out a fine writing instrument by Pelikan. Receiving something like this beauty would be sure to gladden the heart of any man.

Shaving Kit

Forget Gillette, real men shave with a safety razor. Cold steel in your hand, lathering your face with hot soap and water, the soft bristles of a badger hair brush—shaving becomes not an annoying duty, but an experience to savor. Not to mention, a quality safety razor can literally last a lifetime. This gift is sure to please the Catholic gentleman in your life.

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Sam Guzman


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  1. Vinny says

    Great photo of Bing Crosby to link to this article. Bing was huge fan of weed. He used to smoke it with Satchmo, Louis Armstrong. He would proselytize drinkers to smoke weed instead of drink alcohol. He was also a really bad father, so horrendous that two of his children shot themselves. So actually, he’s kind of a gross person. Great voice though.

  2. couponcatie says

    I was sad to see that the coupon code for Dappled Things had expired in August. Nevertheless, I wanted to thank you for the excellent gift guide: I used several of the suggestions for my husband this year and had far less trouble than I usually do finding things to buy him.

  3. Denise Holguin says

    Yeah, I’d have to agree with Vinny that using Bing’s image is not very appropriate to serve as a role model for a Catholic gentleman. His PUBLIC PERSONA was of a Catholic gentleman, but the reality is that he was not–at least in his first marriage and with his first set of kids. Loved his movies though and that persona!

  4. Brian says

    On Bing…..”Some of the accusations are true; some are caricatures. One can do a ‘hatchet job’ on anyone by focusing on negative or controversial elements while ignoring alternative interpretations and relevant details. A convenient formula to boost sales is to cast a respected public figure in a sinister role. If you can’t find dirt, at least you can find dust, which you can call dirt.”

    The Mystic Monk coffee is simply amazing!


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