3 Reasons to Get Your Father a Catholic Gentleman Mug for Father’s Day

May 22, 2017

Men love coffee. Ever since the pope first blessed coffee for Catholic consumption, it has been part of the daily ritual of millions of men around the globe. It awakens, revivifies, and stimulates the intellect. It warms the body and fills the heart with gladness. It is a little bit like the elixir of life.

Finding the right coffee to drink is of utmost importance. But second in importance to this is what you chose to drink out of. Drinking coffee out of a styrofoam cup is acceptable in cases of extreme necessity, but no man in his right mind would choose to do so. It simply ruins the experience. Likewise with paper or other disposable drinkware. And a tin cup may be acceptable for cowboys on the range, but the rest of us require something more refined. We require something as delicious to drink out of as the coffee it contains.

Enter the Catholic Gentleman Stoneware Mug. Ever popular, these mugs are the perfect drinkware for the Catholic man—and a great gift for Father’s Day. Here are three reasons you should get your father (or spiritual father) a Catholic Gentleman mug.

1. It’s a Mug with a Message

The Catholic Gentleman mug provides a wonderful drinking experience. More importantly, however, it is a reminder of the high calling of every Catholic man to holiness. It speaks of the joy of being Catholic and the adventure of following Christ. Emblazoned with the unique Catholic Gentleman seal, it is a great conversation starter as well. Who wouldn’t want to evangelize while drinking a cup of coffee?

2. It’s a Beauty to Behold

We all need more beauty in our lives. In a world of mass-produced junk, things of quality are all too rare. The Catholic Gentleman mug is not produced in some sweatshop by employees living on slave wages. It is made in America, Wisconsin to be precise, by a small company employing experienced artisans. Everything about this mug is crafted with thought and care, even down the packaging it ships in. And heck, it looks great too. It’s black and silver glaze glistens in the morning light, beckoning you to take a sip of the rich roasted brew it contains.

3. It Supports the Catholic Gentleman Apostolate

The Catholic Gentleman apostolate is growing rapidly, but it’s still a part-time endeavor done in my free time. Your support is necessary for this work, and purchasing a mug will help us continue to inspire and equip men for the service of Christ and the Church.

Time is running out!

If you’re on the fence about ordering a mug, don’t wait! You need to order your mug this week if you want your mug in time for Father’s Day! Because I think you’ll love it, and your Father will too, I want to offer you a 10% discount. Simply use the code DADS at checkout to get your discount.

Get Your Mug

PS: Don’t forget your priests this Father’s Day! They have a tiring and often thankless job. They deserve an awesome gift too!


Sam Guzman


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  1. Marianne says

    I tried to order a mug. I live in Canada…it appears that you don’t ship out of the USA…is this the case?

  2. Dan says

    Looks excellent! As a ‘Sconnie myself, may I ask who in WI does your production, Sam? If you’re allowed to share?

  3. Michelle says

    Hello Sam, i tried ordering the mugs as well to Bahrain, but amazon didn’t accept the shipping details

  4. 3leggedquilter says

    according to the enclosed label the answer is ‘yes’, and ‘yes’.
    and it’s beautiful, well balanced, a joy to hold, and feels substantial in the hand.
    Definitely a man’s mug.

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