Unwanted: Healing the Roots of our Sexual Brokenness

October 26, 2018

Have longed to be free of sexual sin? Have you found yourself confessing the same sexual sins over and over? Have you lost hope that you will ever be free from porn or other unwanted sexual behavior? 

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down with Jay Stringer, a psychotherapist and researcher who recently wrote a new book called Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals our Way to Healing*.

In the book, Jay argues that the ways we often deal with sexual sins are not only unhelpful, they actually increase the likelihood that we will continue to fall. He offers an alternative, however—a way of exploring and understanding the deeper roots of our behaviors and of bringing them to God for real healing. 

In the interview below, we talk about Jay’s new book and discuss ways to find healing from the brokenness of sexual sin. We discuss: 

  • The role of anger in sexual sin
  • Why men are especially attracted to pornography
  • What our sexual fantasies reveal about us
  • How to heal

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Sam Guzman


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