UNPLANNED: An Inside Look at the Hit Film with Doug Johnson

April 8, 2019

Unplanned is a new hit movie about former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson’s journey to the pro-life cause. Gritty and heart-wrenching this film has defied expectations to land in the top 4 at the box office, even though it is showing at a fraction of the theaters of bigger budget movies.

Recently, I sat down with Doug Johnson, husband to Abby Johnson, as he gave us an inside look at the story behind the film, Johnson family life, the powerful prayers behind the film’s production, and more. We were interrupted several times by Doug and Abby’s adorable children—the Johnsons’ are truly living a culture of life!


Doug’s Facebook
Doug’s Blog
Unplanned Book
And Then There were None (Abby Johnson’s ministry)

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  1. Jim says

    I went expecting a so-so production – good message but low budget acting and directing. I was surprised. It was was very well done. I highly recommend but it is gruesome (buta accurate) material.

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