A Christmas Gift: Quenching Thirst in Kenya

December 1, 2021

Now that we’re into the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s a good time to step back and remember the blessings we have — starting with the most basic things we might overlook. 

Take clean water, for example. 

In your home you can go to any faucet, turn it on and, voilà, clean water! You can even run it through a filter to purify it.

But in countries like Kenya, just finding water for drinking and bathing can be an exhausting chore. 

Sometimes you’ll have to walk miles to find it. Other times you’ll have to dig a hole and wait for water to come up to the surface. It’s muddy and contaminated, but it’s all you have.

The poverty in water leads to poverty in souls. Parents in Kenya spend so much time finding water just to make it through another day that they can’t take their children to Mass. When the job of getting water falls to the children, they either come to school late or miss days altogether. 

You can help change that. 

Our friends at Cross Catholic Outreach work with mission partners in places like Kenya to transform the lives of the poor, materially and spiritually. Every year they put together an online Christmas Catalog. Instead of retail items, the catalog features meaningful gifts for some of the world’s most impoverished families. Many are basic necessities we might take for granted, like water. 

This year Cross Catholic Outreach has a plan to drill wells in Kenya so families can have permanent access to safe, clean water. This will transform their lives. They’ll be healthier and have the freedom to go to Mass and pray more as a family.  

Your help will make this project possible! Just go to the Cross Catholic Outreach Christmas Catalog and select the amount you wish to donate. Use the secure checkout and you’ll be done in moments.

This holiday season, we invite you to bring these families a renewed sense of hope. Your gift will quench their physical thirst and allow them to grow closer to the fount of Living Water, Jesus Christ.  

Take a minute to donate today. You will love how easy it is to bring long-term blessings to families this holiday season. 

Thank you for your generosity! 

The Catholic Gentleman

John Heinen


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