Consecration Prayer to St. Joseph

March 13, 2023

O St. Joseph predestined and chosen by God from among men, you received the glorious honor of being the chaste, guardian of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Inflamed with divine love you received her as your beloved wife and through her God bestowed upon you the most privileged distinction of being the virginal father of God the Son.

As a living reflection of the Heavenly Father, you protected the Christ child from Herod, thus becoming the savior of the Savior. You accepted Jesus’ humble submission to your fatherly authority and thus became the master of the Master. As a hidden king you conferred upon Jesus the Davidic kingship and thus became the king of the King of Kings. With untiring joy, you labored to nurture the human soul and flesh of Jesus giving bread to the Bread of Life.

Most gentle and generous father, look upon this, your indigent child, and see that I too need your care and protection. O chaste heart that burned with love for Jesus and Mary teach me, your humble servant, to be devoted entirely to Mary and to worship the Lord Jesus with my entire being that I too may become a living reflection of God our Father.

O master of the interior life, you faithfully and promptly fulfilled the divine commands. Your humble obedience has elevated the vocation of fatherhood as a certain means to sublime sanctity and eternal glory. Desiring to follow your holy example, I embrace my vocation to be a most chaste husband, a living icon of God the Father, and a just guardian and guide that my family may become like yours, a holy family.

Therefore, most glorious and humble spiritual father, today before the heavenly host, I surrender myself, my marriage, my fatherhood, my family, my labors, my merits, all that I am and have, unreservedly and totally to you, and consequently to Mary my Queen and most holy Mother, that you may always be my parents in the order of grace and that I may forever be your son. As you and Mary consecrated the Son of God to God the Father, consecrate me also, that I may be set apart for holy service to God most high. I beseech you, as you prepared Christ for His ultimate sacrifice, prepare me also that I may attain the fullness of divine sonship.

Most humble, silent, and hidden father, I surrender all to you that my fatherhood may glorify God the Father of glory in this age and the age to come, forever without end, Amen.

Written by Devin Schadt

John Heinen


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