Review: Wet Shave Club

October 6, 2014

Subscription box services are all the rage, and dozens of companies have popped up offering everything from complete outfits to fine cuts of meat delivered to your doorstep for a reasonable monthly fee.

Most of these services are designed for women, but a growing number are appearing for men. Shaving clubs are by far the most popular male-oriented offering, and companies like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club have focused exclusively on offering disposable cartridge razors in an affordable way.

But while cartridge razors will always be around, there is a growing demand for old fashioned wet shaving with a weighty classic safety razor. Enter Wet Shave Club—a service designed for those who want a more classic shaving experience.

What’s in the Box?

Each box contains shaving soap, aftershave oil, alum matchsticks to close pores and heal razor burn, and of course, razor blades. But part of the fun of the service is that you never really know exactly what the box will contain, as new, high quality shaving products are chosen each month.

The variety of products in each box immediately sets Wet Shave Club apart from its competitors, who focus solely on providing disposable razor cartridges. Considering the high price of modern cartridge razors, the number of products you get for $29 is quite a good deal.

Now, I should clarify that I am not currently subscribed to Wet Shave Club (it wouldn’t make much sense with a beard), so I can’t speak to the speed and reliability of shipments or the kind of variety you will see each month. Still, Wet Shave Club was kind enough to send me a free sample starter box, and I was quite impressed. Inside the starter box are a few extras, including a safety razor, a brush, and a leather razor case. The safety razor was just as heavy and well made as my Merkur razor, and the leather case is very nice.

Should you subscribe?

Shaving is a highly personal activity. Some people prefer the speed and convenience of an electric razor, others want a slower and more thorough wet shave, and still others like a blend of speed and convenience found in disposable cartridge razors. Whether or not you should use Wet Shave Club really depends on what kind of shaving experience you want.

But I will say that if you prefer the classic wet shave, Wet Shave Club is a good deal, and the rotating variety of shaving products makes the concept a lot of fun. Based on a rough estimate of the resale value of the items in my starter box, you will be saving money with Wet Shave Club, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a service that compares in its offerings.

My only concern with the service is that they might actually give you too much in a box. Admittedly, I am more sparing than most with my shaving products, but I could easily see unused aftershave bottles and boxes of blades piling up as shipment after shipment of products arrives each month. Then again, I haven’t actually subscribed, so who knows, maybe the amount of products in each box is just right for a month. Even if this is the case, though, getting too much for your money is something most people wouldn’t complain about!

Check out Wet Shave Club here. I think you’ll like it.DSC01228

Sam Guzman

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  1. Paul says

    It’s quite expensive. I liked Wet Shave Club, but after not receiving a safety razor and a super late second box, I had to unsubscribe. I did get into wet shaving though and apparently there’s another box by Shave Select, have you heard of them? I’m thinking of signing up. They put more main stream products and it’s cheaper, only $25 a month. Maybe you should review that one!

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