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A Catholic Man 24/7, Beyond Sunday

August 24, 2022
Today John and Sam are joined by his Excellency, Bishop James Conley. Bishop Conley was an agonistic listening to the Grateful Dead and ultimately converted to Catholicism during his college years. We discuss the balance of the liturgy in his diocese that has the FSSP seminary (Latin Mass) as well as Novus Ordo Mass. He shares what it has been like to be a Bishop and how to regain authentic masculinity in the Church and society today.

The Heroic Life Of A Gentleman (with Kevin Wells)

July 13, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John meets with Kevin Wells to discuss the life of a man and likely future saint that we can all learn a great deal from. If you have never heard of Venerable Fr. Aloysius Schwartz, who died in 1992 after saving tens of thousands of children, this episode is worth your time. His adventurous spirit and passionate devotion to Our Lady brought him to the depths of faith that few of us achieve in this life. His work and legacy continue today through the order of the Sisters of Mary.

7 Books that Should Be on Your Shelf in 2019

March 7, 2019
The saints tell us that reading a good Catholic book can enrich your soul and help you grow in holiness. And I’ve found that maxim true in my own life. Here are 7 books I recommend reading this year. 1. Tradition and Sanity: Conversations & Dialogues of a Postconciliar Exile (Dr. Peter Kwasniewski) In our […]

Book Review: The Beer Option

December 19, 2018
I have to be honest, there’s something so empty to me in big, grand Catholic evangelical efforts. You know the type – “transforming your family with 3 easy things;” “an evening workshop that will change your marriage forever.”  The more dynamic it claims to be, and the grander the promise of impacting the entire society, the […]

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