Category: Catechesis

Rules of the Game: Commandments and the Spiritual Life

May 1, 2019
Watch any sporting event—from football to tennis to Mixed Martial Arts— and you will notice something significant: The inevitable presence of referees. Referees exist to enforce the rules of the game, for any sport worth watching has rules, and sometimes complex rules at that. Rules ensure fair play, but they also give the athletes boundaries […]

Fathers: The Best Catechesis is a Life Well Lived

October 10, 2017
Recently, my five year old announced that he wanted a different haircut. The minimalist, efficient buzz-cut given to him by his mother was no longer sufficient. He instead wanted a longer, more shapely cut so he could wear his hair like mine. Around the same time, my four year old announced that he was hopeful […]

Understanding The World Youth Day Indulgence

July 22, 2013
The media has been having a field day reporting on the Pope’s issuance of a plenary indulgence to World Youth Day pilgrims—even if your pilgrimage consists of following the events of World Youth Day online. While it is amusing to watch the media try to figure out indulgences, I have to wonder how many Catholics understand […]

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