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How To Win Battles With Help From Heaven

January 12, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John go in-depth into the ultimate spiritual devotion, Consecration to Our Lady, and how the saints lived this devotion in their battles. We discuss protestants rejection of Our Lady, as well as practical tools you can use in your daily lives to overcome your struggles and live more completely for Christ.

The Heroic Life Of A Gentleman (with Kevin Wells)

July 13, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John meets with Kevin Wells to discuss the life of a man and likely future saint that we can all learn a great deal from. If you have never heard of Venerable Fr. Aloysius Schwartz, who died in 1992 after saving tens of thousands of children, this episode is worth your time. His adventurous spirit and passionate devotion to Our Lady brought him to the depths of faith that few of us achieve in this life. His work and legacy continue today through the order of the Sisters of Mary.

Podcast Ep. 4: Consecration to St. Joseph with Fr. Donald Calloway

March 10, 2020
Our culture faces a crisis of fatherhood. The Church, too, has been wounded by scandals that have marred the name of father. In such times, how can we grow in holiness and become better men and better fathers? In this episode, I talk with Fr. Donald Calloway, creator and promoter of the new 33 day […]

Chains of Freedom: A Uniquely Catholic Antidote to Masturbation

February 15, 2019
It’s still early in the new year, and resolutions and fresh starts are still inspiring us. Lent approaches. Many readers of The Catholic Gentlemen are participating in the ascetic rigors of Exodus 90. This is in many ways the most proper time of year for the unchaste, especially those with long-term addictions to pornography and […]

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A Unique Opportunity: 33 Days to Morning Glory

March 25, 2014
I just wrote about my devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and today, I’d like to share a Marian devotion that can help you grow closer to Jesus. It’s Marian consecration using the bestselling book 33 Days to Morning Glory. (Believe it or not, there’s already 2 million copies of this book in print.) If […]

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