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How Every Man Should Lead The Spirituality of His Family

August 11, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John and Sam discuss the role of a husband and father as the spiritual head of the family. Through the conversation, they challenge men to take a more active role in fostering a vibrant domestic church and provide tangible steps on how this can be achieved. True manliness is not about assuming a passive or subservient role in matters of your family's faith. True manliness is about having the courage to charitably plan and guide.

Is Separation Of Church And State A Good Thing? (w/ Dr. Scott Hahn)

August 4, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John and Sam discuss the life lessons that men have to learn to mature and grow in wisdom, holiness, and virtue. Going through life with an attempt to avoid difficulties and suffering will stunt your development as a man and lead to selfishness. We both get honest about our youthful immaturity and how God has worked in our weakness to make us stronger men.

History Is A Memory. Tradition Is Alive.

March 30, 2021
King James IV of Scotland (r.1488-1512), one of the last Catholic monarchs of Scotland, was considered a true Renaissance man devoted to learning and enlightened rule. In addition to his pursuits in science and the arts, he had a particular interest in language and its origins. He was a polyglot and the last King of […]

A House Divided: Political Chaos, Churchly Conflict, and the Spirit of Christ

September 30, 2020
“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Jesus Christ Regardless of your political persuasion, I believe many of us who watched the first of the U.S. presidential debates were shocked and dismayed. It was hardly the kind of engagement citizens of a country hope to see between two potential leaders. It was a brutal […]

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INTERVIEW: A Bishop Speaks on Coronavirus and Church Closures

March 23, 2020
Many Catholics are deeply anxious about the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. Some are frustrated and even angry about parish closures in a time when we long for access to the sacraments. And it is looking increasingly as if we may have an historic Easter without public celebration of the Triduum. In light of […]

Rules of the Game: Commandments and the Spiritual Life

May 1, 2019
Watch any sporting event—from football to tennis to Mixed Martial Arts— and you will notice something significant: The inevitable presence of referees. Referees exist to enforce the rules of the game, for any sport worth watching has rules, and sometimes complex rules at that. Rules ensure fair play, but they also give the athletes boundaries […]

Book Review: The Beer Option

December 19, 2018
I have to be honest, there’s something so empty to me in big, grand Catholic evangelical efforts. You know the type – “transforming your family with 3 easy things;” “an evening workshop that will change your marriage forever.”  The more dynamic it claims to be, and the grander the promise of impacting the entire society, the […]

What Men Can Do to End Abortion

September 5, 2018
Men are frequently told that abortion is a women’s issue and therefore they should have no role in the issue. The argument follows that since men cannot get pregnant and have abortions, they cannot understand what a woman is going through and therefore they should have no voice. This argument is flawed because men are […]

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