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The Forgotten Prayer of the Father

October 2, 2020
Tucked away in a seemingly boring part of the Bible, the Forgotten Prayer of 1 Chronicles 4:10 is an unexpected invitation for men to come home—to the family we have all desired, the Church and the Holy Trinity, and our true vocation as fathers. The so-called “Prayer of Jabez” is not the materialistic and shallow […]

Fathers, Bring the Joy

September 9, 2020
“It’s good to be king” was a common refrain in my home, and it was always in reference to me. I was a 5-year-old boy, who, my parents joked, got the royal treatment. My mother and father cooked for me, cleaned for me, and made sure I went to bed early. I was capable of […]

A War for the Home: St. Charbel’s Powerful Call to Defend the Family

July 24, 2019
St. Charbel Makhlouf is a little known Maronite saint and priest-monk of the 19th century. While he lived most of his life in the relative silence and seclusion of monastic life, he quickly gained a widespread reputation for sanctity, and miracles were attributed to his prayers. He remained incorrupt after his death, and thousands flocked […]

Fathers: The Best Catechesis is a Life Well Lived

October 10, 2017
Recently, my five year old announced that he wanted a different haircut. The minimalist, efficient buzz-cut given to him by his mother was no longer sufficient. He instead wanted a longer, more shapely cut so he could wear his hair like mine. Around the same time, my four year old announced that he was hopeful […]

A Little Church: 10 Tips to Strengthen Your Catholic Home

October 2, 2017
Opening our eyes, we can see that the family in serious crisis. This being the case, as followers of Christ and defenders of the Domestic Church—the family—let us launch a concerted effort to save our children, save our young, by the means of saving our families. Pessimism, cynicism, and skepticism must not reign in our hearts, but […]

A Vow of Stability: A Call to Commitment in an Age of Choice

May 15, 2017
Recently, while traveling for business, I was tired after a long day and so began scrolling through the channels on the hotel television. Because there was next to nothing worth watching on the hundreds of channels available, I finally settled on a mildly interesting house hunting show. If you haven’t seen this kind of show, […]

The Hero Always Comes Home

October 5, 2016
We should be reluctant to divide things that are not divided.  Or, if we are to divide things, we do so in a way that allows for them to be reunited so as to be more fruitful.  God, for example, “divides” Eve from the side of Adam, but then brings them together into beautiful fruitfulness.  […]

The Essential Presence of a Father

June 19, 2016
Recently, at the park with my wife and son, I witnessed one of the saddest sights I’ve seen in a long time. A little boy, about five or six, was there with his dad. Normally, this would be a wonderful thing, but the tragedy was, they weren’t spending time with each other. The dad was […]

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