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Worldly Fatherhood Vs. Catholic Fatherhood

June 21, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John are joined by Devin Schadt, a Catholic Gentleman and premier scholar on Fatherhood and St. Joseph. We get honest about the struggles we all face to consistently be a good and loving father, how to understand our roles as a Catholic Spiritual Father, and how […]

The Forgotten Prayer of the Father

October 2, 2020
Tucked away in a seemingly boring part of the Bible, the Forgotten Prayer of 1 Chronicles 4:10 is an unexpected invitation for men to come home—to the family we have all desired, the Church and the Holy Trinity, and our true vocation as fathers. The so-called “Prayer of Jabez” is not the materialistic and shallow […]

Fathers, Don’t Tap Out

September 22, 2020
The kids were out of control and so were the bills, my relationship with my wife felt strained, and I honestly didn’t think I could handle the stress at work anymore. I’ll never forget the day it all seemed to come crashing together. It looked like an ugly self-portrait, an American Gothic with me holding […]

Fathers, Bring the Joy

September 9, 2020
“It’s good to be king” was a common refrain in my home, and it was always in reference to me. I was a 5-year-old boy, who, my parents joked, got the royal treatment. My mother and father cooked for me, cleaned for me, and made sure I went to bed early. I was capable of […]

Fathers, Fight for Milk

September 1, 2020
I’ll never forget the night my first child was born. I was racing down the freeway before dawn, clutching the steering wheel.  “Look out for deer,” Brittany moaned. I glanced at her sideways.  “You’re in labor, and you’re worried about deer?” “Just watch out for deer, okay!” I squeezed the steering wheel until my knuckles […]

The Gift of a Father’s Blessing

September 20, 2018
Scripture begins with the story of creation. God pours out his creativity and handiwork on the world, filling it with life and abundance. On the final day of creation, God creates mankind, made in his own image, as the culmination and the crown of his labors.  God then admires his work, granting it the primordial […]

What Men Can Do to End Abortion

September 5, 2018
Men are frequently told that abortion is a women’s issue and therefore they should have no role in the issue. The argument follows that since men cannot get pregnant and have abortions, they cannot understand what a woman is going through and therefore they should have no voice. This argument is flawed because men are […]

Fathers: The Best Catechesis is a Life Well Lived

October 10, 2017
Recently, my five year old announced that he wanted a different haircut. The minimalist, efficient buzz-cut given to him by his mother was no longer sufficient. He instead wanted a longer, more shapely cut so he could wear his hair like mine. Around the same time, my four year old announced that he was hopeful […]

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