Category: Friendship

BBQ Etiquette for the Catholic Gentleman

June 24, 2021
As we start enjoying vernal and summer evenings, the great Canadian barbecue season has arrived. As Catholic gentlemen, we can partake and share such an important culinary and social tradition to renew and foster bonds, friendships and Catholic values.

Conversation, Conversion, and the Eternal Truth

November 17, 2020
Have you ever enjoyed a good conversation? Not just small talk or a vague and ephemeral discussion of trivialities, but a real, substantive conversation about the most important questions of human life. If so, you’ll know that such conversations can last for hours which feel only like minutes. You’ll know that the intellectual pleasure such […]

Frivolity and Friendship: On The Eternal Importance of Good Friends

February 24, 2020
I was wearing my running clothes, standing on a patch of grass across from the downtown Krispy Kreme. Four donuts were in my hand, mashed together, the third such round of four. Looking upon them made me cringe. I sighed and then I took a bite. I chewed only once and my mouth fired out […]

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