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The Secret To Being A Successful Man

September 15, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John discuss some incredibly rich traditions within the Catholic Church and the sad decline in our modern times to actively practicing them. These practices have been either marginalized or forgotten but have great value for the Church and our individual pursuit of holiness.

The Benefits Of Being A Generous Man

June 15, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John discuss some of the best ways to be happy, find purpose, and grow in masculine virtue. Generosity can present itself in many different ways, each of unique merit, and all of them necessary to becoming a well-rounded and intentional man. Join us. Learn this mark […]

Attention and the Distraction Addiction

June 2, 2017
There are two ways to go through life: Mindfully or mindlessly. In the first instance, we pay attention. We see things and notice them in order to appreciate them. We hear things in order to understand them. We seek to know things not superficially but in their wholeness. We live in the present moment and […]

The Measure of Success

March 10, 2016
Everyone who wants to be a failure, please raise your hand. That’s what I thought. We all want to be good at what we do, to be competent and respected and admired. We even spend large amounts of money on things we don’t need in order to show off just how successful we are. But we […]

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Six Ways to Live a Joyful Life from St. John Bosco

February 26, 2016
If there’s one undeniable fact about human nature, it’s that we all want to be happy. We crave joy—infinite, endless joy. The problem is, we often look for happiness in all the wrong places, leaving ourselves frustrated and miserable. The plethora of wildly popular self-help books shows that we are hungry for guidance on how to live well. […]

Lose Yourself: Finding Freedom in Mary’s Risky Yes

December 7, 2015
Did she really say that? Did she really mean it? I keep turning back to Luke 1:38, “And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.’” I take a few minutes to present myself before God in silence. When my mind wanders, I return to […]

Jesus: The Joy That You Seek

July 16, 2015
“It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness…” – St. John Paul II It is the feast of the Passover. Jerusalem is packed with thousands upon thousands of pilgrims from all over Israel, and in fact, all over the world. They come to celebrate God’s deliverance of his people from oppression and […]

Beer, Sex, and the Quest for Happiness

January 28, 2015
What is the one desire you and I all share? What is the one thing we want above all else? Happiness. The desire to experience lasting happiness is universal. Almost everything we do as human beings can be traced back to our quest for it—and perhaps no one understands this better than those in the […]

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