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7 Things A Man Needs To Learn The Hard Way

July 28, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John and Sam discuss the life lessons that men have to learn to mature and grow in wisdom, holiness, and virtue. Going through life with an attempt to avoid difficulties and suffering will stunt your development as a man and lead to selfishness. We both get honest about our youthful immaturity and how God has worked in our weakness to make us stronger men.

On the Precious Gift of Humility

December 6, 2019
Why do I fail when I have so much good will? This is a question that plagues every man who genuinely cares about his spiritual life. Indeed, St. Paul himself, after lamenting the war between his flesh and spirit, cries out poignantly in Romans 7, Pitiable creature that I am, who is to set me […]

Avarice: The Secret Sin that Owns Us

December 11, 2018
Pope Benedict XVI said that the saints are the best apologetics.  Their lives are a clear and manifest proof of God’s love and action in the human heart, and we know this is so because, though our heart is too little examined, we know the human condition well enough to know its corruption.  Seeing the […]

St. Joseph and a Lesson in Obedience

October 19, 2017
There is something about our fallen nature that compels us to disobedience. Sometimes it’s full-blown, blatant disobedience. Other times it’s more subtle like our mom encouraging us to read a book that we just can’t find the time to read. We are all guilty of it…except one: St. Joseph (I’m not counting Mary because she […]

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Are Christians called to win?

February 9, 2017
By the freeway in Tulsa, there is a megachurch with an attention grabbing name. Their main campus is sprawling, and they have more than one. Their services are tailored to modern tastes, featuring heart-pumping music, colorful strobe lights, and positive sermons. Their motto? “Help people win.” Their website proudly encourages visitors to “Win every day,” […]

Love Your (Political) Enemies

November 15, 2016
Fascist. Snowflake. Liberal weenie. Nazi. Racist, xenophobic, bigot. Idiot. Moron. Ignorant fool. These are just a few of the tamer insults hurled violently at others online and in person during the past two years of the election process. And since the election itself, things have only gotten exponentially worse. It’s no exaggeration to say that […]

The Most Unpopular Commandment

June 8, 2016
Of all Jesus commandments, there is one that is more unpopular than any other. It’s the one commandment where I’ve heard people say that Jesus didn’t really mean what he said. I’ve even heard more excuses for this sin than for sins of the flesh. What is this commandment? It is the commandment not to […]

Resolutions, Failures, and the New Year

December 31, 2014
“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set out to remedying them. Every day begin the task anew.” -St. Francis de Sales If you’re anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. Oh, you like the […]

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