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Ite! The Necessity of Discipline

September 2, 2016
This post is part of a series. I hated discipline in high school.  I did not like to do homework.  I did not like to get up early.  It seemed like the only reason to be disciplined was to get good grades, then get into a good college, then get a good job, then get […]

Ite! Go Forth With Friends

August 26, 2016
This post is part of a series. One of the times Jesus says “Go!” is pretty scary.  In the Gospel of Luke He sends His disciples on a preaching mission saying, “Go your way; behold I send you out as lambs among wolves” (Luke 10:3).  I live on a little farm and I can tell […]

Ite! The Call to Go Forth in Christ

August 17, 2016
Today, I begin a series geared especially toward young men that have experienced a renewed commitment to Christ or a recent conversion.  The series is titled Ite, is Latin for “go”.   I once taught my three-year-old son to climb up on the lower branches of a cedar tree.  I left for a while and when […]

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