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Rediscovering Catholic Masculine Virtue

May 31, 2022
In our attempt to revitalize masculinity in contemporary, secular society, there is an enduring threat. In trying to rediscover a robust, Catholic understanding of manliness, we might oversimplify it or flatten it out. We tend to emphasize aspects of masculinity that appeal to us personally, and latch on to cultural trends that correspond with our […]

Does God Want You to be Successful

May 25, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss the dignity of work and how to balance the desire for career advancement with your faith. We also give great advice on how to get ahead in your career and discern changing your job. Pride, power, and pleasure are the ideals held by society with work, but it is by pursuing these ideals that we instead find frustration, anxiety, and unhappiness.

From Desk Job Burnout to the Life of a Blacksmith

May 18, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss desk job burnout, depression, knife making, Poland and Ukraine, and finding God's will at work with award-winning blacksmith Leszek Sikon. Leszek's journey to the life of blacksmithing is filled with acceptance and growing in unity with God's will. We also spend time talking about knives and the artistry behind wielding the forge.

Bishop Strickland’s Direct Challenge to All Catholic Men

April 13, 2022
Today Sam and John are joined by a shepherd and fatherly leader, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler Texas. We have the great privilege of hearing from Bishop Strickland about why the world needs real men, as well as the virtues and spirituality needed to be a real man. Our modern times have thrown us dozens of competing images of what it means to be a man and we need strong examples to set things right. We discuss how you can embrace this call to true masculinity and live your God-given role in your family and society.

Knowing Yourself and Overcoming Addictions

April 6, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss addictions, what they are, how to define and understand them, and how to continuously work throughout life to overcome them as Catholic men. We go into the clear and clinical breakdown of addictions with a big 'A' versus a little 'a'. We discuss the difference between substance versus behavioral addictions and how to overcome each. How do we break free from that which is keeping us in bondage or tempting us to addictions and further comfort?

How to Keep Your Children Catholic

March 30, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John discuss a great concern that parents and grandparents have when reflecting on the future of their children. Will they continue to be Catholic? We detail ways that we as men and fathers can truly guide and help our children maintain and embrace the Catholic faith after they leave the home.

Why Should Every Man Build A Library?

March 23, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John discuss a great Catholic tradition of building and maintaining libraries. This tradition stems back to the early Church, and we have an obligation to maintain it today. Find out why every gentleman should cultivate a personal library of his own.

Embracing the Cross and Overcoming Anxiety (w/ Dr. Kevin Majeres)

March 16, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John are joined by a Catholic man and psychiatrist of incredible wisdom and experience, Dr. Kevin Majeres. Kevin guides us in how to embrace our anxiety and challenges head-on as an opportunity for our sanctification provided by God. As GK Chesterton stated, "An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered." However, as nice as that sounds, it is in this episode that we learn how to use these challenges and anxeity as God's will towards our sanctification.

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