Category: Repentance

The Hidden Blessing in the Decay of the World System

August 12, 2021
Many I know are concerned about the state of the world. And rightly so. Something significant is happening globally right now, and many ideas once deemed conspiratorial seem to be coming true. Fear of economic collapse, forced compliance to arbitrary mandates, food shortages, media propaganda, technological surveillance, and growing totalitarian overreach by world governments are […]

To All and For All: Guilt, Responsibility, and the Brothers Karamazov

October 27, 2020
Some friends and I were smoking cigars and chatting on the porch of a Brooklyn house during a summer evening in 2010. One of the friends recommended that I read Dostoevsky’s the Brothers Karamazov. Education had taught me that the book was a classic. Experience had taught me that not all “classics” are all that […]

Today We Lost Notre Dame

April 15, 2019
My heart is broken. Today, we lost one of the most beautiful churches in the world. For 800 years in stood as a transcendent reminder of God’s presence among men. Built to house priceless works of art, holy relics, and above all the sacraments, it was made by a world that no longer exists, the […]

The World is on Fire. Here’s What You Can Do to Help.

March 18, 2019
Even a cursory glance at news headlines is enough to plunge one into anxiety. Mass-killings. Inflamed, hate-filled rhetoric. Mutual mockery. Revelings in perversion. Moral debauchery. Religious persecution. Terrorism. Scandals. These are the defining marks of our age, it seems. And that is not to mention the polarized cacophony of insults and vitriol that social media […]

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