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7 Things A Man Needs To Learn The Hard Way

July 28, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John and Sam discuss the life lessons that men have to learn to mature and grow in wisdom, holiness, and virtue. Going through life with an attempt to avoid difficulties and suffering will stunt your development as a man and lead to selfishness. We both get honest about our youthful immaturity and how God has worked in our weakness to make us stronger men.

Strength in Vulnerability

July 6, 2021
So many men today walk around as if they have it all figured out and they don’t have a problem in the world. The “strong” silent type if you will. I know this for a fact. I used to do the same thing. So much of my life was spent walking like a one man army, convincing myself that I didn’t need anybody or anything.

Fail Forward: 7 Blessings of Falls in the Lives of Men

September 15, 2020
We are living in a time when men are besieged from all fronts.  Men have a suicide rate three times higher than women which many attribute, at least in part, to men equating asking for help with portraying vulnerability in a society where vulnerability is equated with weakness and not being a real man.  As […]

Overcome Evil with Good: The Temptations of Our Time and the Spirit of Christ

June 11, 2020
A glance at the news headlines gives the very real impression that the world is in flames. Who can deny that we are in a tremendous state of turmoil, reeling from one crisis only to enter another one? I’ve refrained from commenting on the unfolding events we are seeing because the world does not need […]

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A Pilgrim on the Way: My Journey on the Camino de Santiago

June 3, 2020
The Camino de Santiago changed my life entirely and the experience continues to bear fruit. There are a myriad of events speak to me, but three faces rise up from the depths of my heart, from shadow to light. These seem to hold the essence of my sojourn: the Child, the Old Man, and the […]

Falling Upward: Dealing With Failure in the Spiritual Life

September 7, 2017
Men do not like to fail. We find much of our identity in our ability to not be a failure. Yet, if we are honest, our spiritual lives are often characterized by the very thing we dread—failure. Our resolutions and our aspirations simply do not align with reality. Habitual sins plague us and enslave us, leading to […]

Cross Fit: 10 Ways to Stay Spiritually Healthy

July 14, 2017
Healthy organic foods, physical health centers, taking various vitamin pills, exotic vacation resort getaways, and many others are all attempts to maintain good bodily health. No doubt, all of this can be good for this simple reason: our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we should be responsible guardians and custodians of […]

Patience and Perfection

November 8, 2016
As many of you know, we recently moved. Moving is hard work, and unpacking is only the beginning. After all of your belongings are unpacked, you must begin the arduous process of making the home your own. Finding a place for everything, painting, hanging pictures, arranging furniture, fixing and perhaps even building. It can take a […]

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