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Fail Forward: 7 Blessings of Falls in the Lives of Men

September 15, 2020
We are living in a time when men are besieged from all fronts.  Men have a suicide rate three times higher than women which many attribute, at least in part, to men equating asking for help with portraying vulnerability in a society where vulnerability is equated with weakness and not being a real man.  As […]

Overcome Evil with Good: The Temptations of Our Time and the Spirit of Christ

June 11, 2020
A glance at the news headlines gives the very real impression that the world is in flames. Who can deny that we are in a tremendous state of turmoil, reeling from one crisis only to enter another one? I’ve refrained from commenting on the unfolding events we are seeing because the world does not need […]

A Pilgrim on the Way: My Journey on the Camino de Santiago

June 3, 2020
The Camino de Santiago changed my life entirely and the experience continues to bear fruit. There are a myriad of events speak to me, but three faces rise up from the depths of my heart, from shadow to light. These seem to hold the essence of my sojourn: the Child, the Old Man, and the […]

INTERVIEW: A Bishop Speaks on Coronavirus and Church Closures

March 23, 2020
Many Catholics are deeply anxious about the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. Some are frustrated and even angry about parish closures in a time when we long for access to the sacraments. And it is looking increasingly as if we may have an historic Easter without public celebration of the Triduum. In light of […]

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Peace, Be Still: Making the Most of the Storm We Face

March 18, 2020
Fear is a mental and spiritual virus. It spreads faster and more efficiently than any airborne disease. Its symptoms are at times anger, aggression, isolation, despair, irrationality, loss of faith, and clouded judgement, among other things. And if there is one emotion that dominates the world at this time, it is a deep and abiding […]

Suffering and Strength

September 28, 2018
One of the most pernicious lies of the modernity is that we were made for comfort. Every day, thousands of advertisements and so-called experts promise us a life free from suffering and pain—if only we buy one more thing.  Yet, the comfortable life they promise is an illusion. For all our advancements in science and […]

Relics and the Gritty Faith of the Early Church

September 13, 2018
At the northern tip of Via Giulia in Rome, you’ll find the church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini. The large dome that crowns this church is one of many that accent the Roman skyline. San Giovanni dei Fiorentini If it’s hot, airy churches like San Giovanni provide the weary pilgrim with a spiritual and physical […]

Calvary: A Film for Our Times

August 23, 2018
The following is a review of the film Calvary. Spoilers Ahead. Calvary is rated R and earns this rating. Viewer discretion advised.  I first watched the film Calvary four years ago. I remember leaving the theater feeling shocked and not a little disgusted. It was a brutal film, even an ugly film. And yet, four years later, I believe it […]

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