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3 Ways Technology Is Destroying Your Life

August 25, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John and Sam meet with Josh Hochschild, co-author of A Mind At Peace, to discuss the fact that modern technology is designed with the human person as the product to be sold, and how the addictive elements are disrupting and deadening our relationship with God, our family and friends, and ourselves. We also discuss the hierarchy of virtues a man needs to work on to regain control of his faculties and grow in holiness.

We Need This Virtue Because Screens are Changing Us

January 29, 2020
Will you make it through this article? You have been re-programmed in the media-saturated age of consumerism and internet galloping to skim this article.  You’re here to grab enough of it to sense a completion after reading, perhaps gaining a sense of gained knowledge, maybe feeling part of a tribe or something. I’ve been trained […]

Just Say No to Alexa

January 17, 2019
“Man is the only animal nature has endowed with the gift of speech.”– Aristotle, Politics It is estimated that almost a quarter of American homes have a voice-enabled ‘smart speaker,’ and experts predict that over half of households will within a few years. The lion’s share of these devices are Amazon’s Alexa. A closer consideration of […]

Can I Live Without The Internet For A Month? I’m About To Find Out.

July 19, 2018
Since I was sixteen, nearly two decades ago, I have gone online almost every day. Starting August 2, for one month, I’m going off. No email, no social media, no keyboards, no podcasts. No audio books, no video memes, no texts. Not a single smiley-face emoticon. Nothing. Smart phone powered down and stuck deep in […]

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Gentlemen Don’t Text and Eat

July 20, 2013
Technology is apart of our lives like never before. We now carry in our pockets the ability to watch breaking news from around the world, see Aunt Erma’s cat in Alabama, or share pictures of our culinary adventures on Instagram. While this technology is incredible, it can be a mixed blessing. The Good The printing […]

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