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The Ultimate Lent for Men

February 16, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John discuss a great pathway this Lent for men. Formed by many years guiding men in the desert to better understand themselves and grow in their union with Christ, Fr. Innocent Montgomery, C.F.R. shares his wisdom with us for this Lent and beyond. We share in his joy as a Franciscan Friar, hear great stories, and learn why he felt called to write a book for men that guides us through Lent and the Easter Octave.

Peace, Be Still: Making the Most of the Storm We Face

March 18, 2020
Fear is a mental and spiritual virus. It spreads faster and more efficiently than any airborne disease. Its symptoms are at times anger, aggression, isolation, despair, irrationality, loss of faith, and clouded judgement, among other things. And if there is one emotion that dominates the world at this time, it is a deep and abiding […]

A Simple Lent: 5 Ways to Focus on What’s Important

March 4, 2020
Life is complex. As a husband and father, blogger, podcaster, full-time employee, and full-time graduate student, it often seems like the responsibilities I face continue to multiply endlessly, while the time allotted to accomplish them does not. No sooner do I make progress in one area of life, than another domain for which I am […]

The World is on Fire. Here’s What You Can Do to Help.

March 18, 2019
Even a cursory glance at news headlines is enough to plunge one into anxiety. Mass-killings. Inflamed, hate-filled rhetoric. Mutual mockery. Revelings in perversion. Moral debauchery. Religious persecution. Terrorism. Scandals. These are the defining marks of our age, it seems. And that is not to mention the polarized cacophony of insults and vitriol that social media […]

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This Lent, Feed the Hunger Within

March 4, 2019
When we think of Lent, it rarely calls to mind feeding our desires. Rather, for those who fast or engage in other penitential practices, Lent feels like a a seasons of denying our hunger and of mortifying desires. Perhaps it is even a season where we feel physically hungry for the first time in a […]

Catholic Men, Let’s Rise Up

February 12, 2018
Being a man today can be confusing. We are shamed for our “toxic masculinity” and told we should be less masculine if we want to get ahead in life. Fathers are mocked in TV and movies, and men in general are often portrayed as either low-functioning, ill-bred beasts, or as cruel and violent. Add to […]

Repentance and Cleaning House

March 23, 2017
I am the father of three children four and under. It is always startling to me, though it shouldn’t be at this stage, how quickly things can spin out of control. A perfectly clean house that took a great deal of effort to tidy up can nearly instantly be destroyed by our children with hardly […]

Lent, Suffering, and the Death that Brings Life

March 5, 2017
Lent is here, and quite frequently the weather suits the sombre tone of the season. Ashen gray skies and the bare reaching arms of trees create an atmosphere that is at once stark and solemn. Yet this season is not entirely bleak or without hope. Warmer days replete with sunshine break up the gloom, and […]

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