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Don’t Waste Your Life: The Importance of Bold, Faith-Filled Action

April 28, 2020
I don’t have much use for success gurus, but one idea from Tony Robbins that I heard years ago stuck with me. When asked the secret of change, he talks about taking “massive action.” We often don’t achieve our dreams, he claims, because we’re too half-hearted and timid about pursuing them. We think about what […]

Digital Masses and Johnny Cash on the Pain of Lonely Sundays

March 21, 2020
Note: This is the opening of the forthcoming issue of Sword & Spade.  It is being published here exclusively because of its ties to an upcoming Sunday that is potentially without Mass. As this issue nears printing the coronavirus is forcing many into “social isolation” to slow the pandemic.  Whatever your opinion of such measures, […]

Ite! The Call to Go Forth in Christ

August 17, 2016
Today, I begin a series geared especially toward young men that have experienced a renewed commitment to Christ or a recent conversion.  The series is titled Ite, is Latin for “go”.   I once taught my three-year-old son to climb up on the lower branches of a cedar tree.  I left for a while and when […]

The Duty of the Moment

February 4, 2016
I’m a dreamer. I have more plans and ideas than I can possibly execute. Ideas for apostolates, books, essays, blog posts, hobbies I want to pursue, and so much more. And I dream big. I read the writings of the saints who did heroic things, who wanted to conquer the world for Jesus Christ, and […]

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Everyday Sanctity

August 31, 2015
The 45 minute wait time. The stubbed toe. The traffic jam. The report due by 3 p.m. The gossiping relative. The mortgage payment. The gross diaper change. The unexpected car repair. The lost wallet. The rude person at the grocery store. The head cold. This is the stuff of ordinary life. In each of these […]

The World Is Your Ship And Not Your Home

May 13, 2015
“The world’s thy ship and not thy home.” –St. Therese of Lisieux You may have noticed that things have been more quiet than usual here. It is not by choice. Through a series of circumstances beyond our control, we are in the midst of moving again after having lived in our current home only six months. A […]

I’m Just Like You, Daddy

January 13, 2015
“I’m just like you, Daddy,” says my little boy Peter to me one day, looking up at me with luminous eyes, as if being like Daddy were the greatest achievement possible. I had just put on my tie for Mass, and Peter had too. We looked surprisingly similar, a fact that brought great happiness to […]

How to Find Peace: A Lesson from Daily Life

December 1, 2014
You may have noticed that things have been quiet around here, with few postings on the blog or Facebook—and that’s because we moved on Saturday. The past week was an intense time of packing, tackling last minute chores, and now, unpacking with two toddlers constantly underfoot. Things have been rather crazy to say the least. The […]

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