Imagination and the Will: What You Gaze On Is What You Become

February 2, 2021
How many times have you vowed to exercise more, eat better, or get more sleep? Or on a spiritual level, promised yourself that you were going to pray more consistently, practice certain virtues, or embrace asceticism more willingly? Yet, when it comes time to move idea into action, from commitment to practice, something within us […]

To All and For All: Guilt, Responsibility, and the Brothers Karamazov

October 27, 2020
Some friends and I were smoking cigars and chatting on the porch of a Brooklyn house during a summer evening in 2010. One of the friends recommended that I read Dostoevsky’s the Brothers Karamazov. Education had taught me that the book was a classic. Experience had taught me that not all “classics” are all that […]

Planning for Falls When Recovering from Porn

August 7, 2020
  Bob came to me feeling very discouraged.  He had slipped again into viewing pornography.  He wanted to be completely honest about it and tell his wife; however, he didn’t know how to do it.  He knew she would be very angry and disappointed.  He didn’t want to hurt her, but he knew he had […]

Get Thee Wedded: Shakespeare’s Advice on Finding a Wife

July 29, 2020
If it has been awhile since you’ve read The Tempest, it is definitely worth a re-read. If you haven’t ever read The Tempest…then how can you call yourself a gentleman? The play is about a man named Prospero. He is the former Duke of Milan who was betrayed and exiled by his brother to a […]

Battling Porn: How to Know if You’re Addicted

May 20, 2020
Because pornography use is so widely used and accepted today, many people may wonder if they are addicted to it.  According to Dr. Mark Laaser (1992) pornography/sexual addiction is “any persistent and escalating unhealthy pattern of sexual behavior. It is compulsive in nature and used to avoid or change feelings despite destructive consequences to self […]

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