Frivolity and Friendship: On The Eternal Importance of Good Friends

February 24, 2020
I was wearing my running clothes, standing on a patch of grass across from the downtown Krispy Kreme. Four donuts were in my hand, mashed together, the third such round of four. Looking upon them made me cringe. I sighed and then I took a bite. I chewed only once and my mouth fired out […]

Boredom, Isolation, & the Internet: The Perfect Storm

February 17, 2020
Tom was noticeably upset as he described his frustration with pornography use.  It seemed that every day at work he would end up going online and viewing pornography.  No matter what he tried, he always seemed to fall into the same pattern.  For Tom, the root causes of his internet porn use were boredom, isolation, […]

Conviction: Where God’s Love and Mercy Intersect

January 9, 2020
Marty has a strong belief in God; however, he struggled to understand God’s unconditional love for him.  Marty’s struggle with pornography addiction left him feeling worthless and unlovable, especially in God’s eyes.  For Marty, a large part of recovery is understanding how God can be both just and merciful.  This is a struggle I find […]

Living with Gratitude When Battling Porn Addiction

November 27, 2019
Often people who are enslaved by pornography addiction only see the problems with their lives. They are trapped in a cycle of negativity and pessimism. They live with bitterness, resentment, and feel unworthy of receiving anything good in their lives, especially love. In Alcoholics Anonymous this is called “stinking thinking.”  Overcoming this mindset is crucial for healthy […]

Faith, Firmness, and Freedom: What a Pope Can Teach Us

November 6, 2019
It was a July night in 2003. We, the college-aged men and women lodging in two Georgetown townhouses, were sitting in our cozy circle in a small living room. My friends and I were all interning that summer, we were a formal group of Muslim interns in Washington D.C. Living in a swanky neighborhood was […]

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