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Chivalry In The Modern World

September 22, 2021
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John meet with the one and only Charles Coulombe to discuss modern chivalry. They discuss the death of chivalry and how society is in desperate need of more chivalrous men. They go into how an allegiance to the Church and all her teachings is at the essence of authentic knighthood and masculinity.

Avarice: The Secret Sin that Owns Us

December 11, 2018
Pope Benedict XVI said that the saints are the best apologetics.  Their lives are a clear and manifest proof of God’s love and action in the human heart, and we know this is so because, though our heart is too little examined, we know the human condition well enough to know its corruption.  Seeing the […]

On The Faith, Hope, and Love of Military Service: A Soldier’s Reflection

November 12, 2018
My time in service as an Army Officer is best characterized by three simple words. They are faith, hope, and love. Here when I use faith, I am not only referring to religious faith; though, that is one of the most important uses of the word. My faith in God is the starting point for […]

Five Ways to Increase Patience

February 4, 2014
None of us can claim to have mastered perfectly the virtue of patience. We think we have made a major victory in acquiring patience, and then, out of the blue and taken by surprise, we explode! Our illusion of being the most patient person in the world went up in smoke! Patience is so important that […]

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The Cardinal Virtues: Temperance

September 16, 2013
When I think about it, it still boggles my mind that the United States of America once passed a constitutional amendment outlawing alcohol. The movement that made this happen was composed of a bunch of fusty tee-totaling ladies that believed alcohol to be one of the greatest evils known to man. Most unfortunately, they mislabeled […]

The Cardinal Virtues: Fortitude

August 30, 2013
This post is part of a series on the four Cardinal Virtues. For the other posts in the series, click here.  At some point or another, we all encounter things in life that cause us to be afraid.  Whether it’s sudden unemployment, making a life-altering choice, a sudden illness, or the prospect of physical pain, fear […]

The Cardinal Virtues: Justice

August 19, 2013
Today, we continue our series on the Cardinal Virtues. For the first post on prudence, see here. As the virtues go, justice isn’t the most popular—we would much rather hear about mercy or pardon, at least in regard to ourselves. And yet, justice is one of the most important virtues a man can possess. There […]

The Cardinal Virtues: Prudence

August 6, 2013
Previously, I’ve written about the importance of being a virtuous man, but it’s difficult to pursue virtue if we don’t first know what virtue is. Fortunately, Mother Church, building on the great thinkers of the ancient world, has outlined exactly which seven virtues we should pursue, and she has given us clear definitions of each. The first four virtues […]

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