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How to Overcome Bad Habits

January 15, 2016
On Fridays, I post excerpts from the writings of the great American bishop and media evangelist, Ven. Fulton J. Sheen. I call them #FultonFridays. “I have a bad temper,” or “I drink too much”—“”I am always criticizing,” or “I am lazy” are familiar complaints from those who still believe that nobility of character is an important […]

4 Out of 5 Catholic Men Confess This Sin

January 12, 2016
They confess to looking at pornography and masturbating. It’s awkward, I know, to say it so candidly, but the only way to defeat pornography in our lives is to admit that we have a widespread problem with it. Vice, Firmly Entrenched By the time I was in high school, the habit of lusting after women via […]

St. Francis de Sales’s Guide to Starting Your Day Right

December 18, 2015
In his everyday spirituality, St. Francis de Sales counsels us to begin at the beginning. Making God a part of that first conscious­ness of the new day starts things out on the right footing. Thus, St Francis’ Spiritual Directory opens with this exhortation: First of all on awakening, we are to direct our minds completely to […]

Showing Up

October 27, 2015
One of the most frustrating things in the spiritual life can be our seeming lack of progress. We pray, we go to Mass, we confess, we read books—and yet we seem to have little to show for it. It is easy to get frustrated, to give up and to put our spiritual life on the backburner. […]

5 Ways to Practice Conversion

October 15, 2014
Be converted, the kingdom of God is at hand. These are the first world we hear from the lips of Our Blessed Savior as He initiates His Public ministry. Conversion in Greek is Metanoia, meaning change of heart. The core of the teaching of the Precursor of Jesus, St. John the Baptist, was the same, […]

St. Padre Pio’s 5 Point Rule of Life

August 21, 2014
When we think of great mystics and wonder-working saints, we often think of those who lived centuries ago. Yet, St. Pio of Pietrelcina was both a mystic and a performer of many miracles—and he died in 1968, only 46 years ago. In many ways, this saint was and is a contradiction to our scientific, rational age, and despite their eagerness […]

Rise and Shine: 5 Reasons to Get Up Early in the Morning

April 25, 2014
  “Daybreak is a never-ending glory, getting out of bed is a never-ending nuisance.” – G.K. Chesterton For the past year or so, I’ve been getting out of bed earlier than I ever have. Don’t get me wrong, it can be hard, and I still hit the snooze button more often than I’d like, but […]

Should Catholics Cuss?

April 2, 2014
Recently, a horribly raunchy movie made national headlines because it contained over 500 uses of the f-word. Yeah, it was obscenely obscene, and obviously, that level of profanity is unusual. But the fact is, vulgarities are becoming commonplace in music, movies, literature, and everyday language. This growing trend raises the question— is profanity a sin? Is it […]

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