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Why Epic Tales Help Boys Become Men

April 5, 2023
We see men everywhere who lack virtue, true masculinity, and grit. One Commander in the U.S. Navy, Brandon Hale, is doing something about this through the art of storytelling. His epic adventures showcase virtue as something that is necessary, obtainable, and desirable to boys. We get to discuss what got him into writing as well as his life as a father, JAG Lawyer, and author.

Catholic Man’s Obligation to Civic Life (w/ Mark Cronenwett)

March 29, 2023
Catholic men have a moral obligation to be involved in the political and civil life of their cities. However, with so much media noise, character defamation attacks, and confusing rhetoric it can often seem overwhelming. My guest today, Mark Cronenwett, argues that it does not have to be this way. As a devout Catholic father of 7, a lawyer, and a man actively running for city council, he has already brought change to his city and is on the campaign trail to bring more.

How to be More than Wins and Failures

March 22, 2023
Are you struggling with staying dedicated to your work or overcoming challenges? The path to self-mastery is filled with failures and successes. How do we stay consistent as men and be dedicated to the hard work of life? Today we are joined by an Olympic qualifying athlete, Conner Peloquin, who also had a successful career in a Fortune 100 company. Conner shares how to find God's will in your daily activities, as well as the focus needed to improve in life regardless of the obstacles and issues that come.

Beauty and the Failed Imagination of Our Modern Minds

March 8, 2023
Beauty belongs to Catholicism, yet we see fewer and fewer traces of this in our modern Churches. Men often ignore this transcendental and lack a depth of understanding of the objective nature of beauty. It is time to learn how beauty is tied to truth and goodness and how it can awaken within your soul an improved man. We are joined today by Robert Puschautz, a professional artist of the Stabat Mater Foundation, to learn why this is the case and how we can fix it.

Overcome these 4 Pitfalls Men Face in Prayer

March 1, 2023
How often do you feel that you are never improving in prayer? Perhaps you don't have a clear understanding of what prayer is or how to pray. In this episode, we discuss the key purpose of prayer, how to accurately understand why we are required to pray, and how to overcome the 4 most common pitfalls to living out a purposeful and fruitful prayer life.

6 Reasons Fasting Makes You a Better Man

February 22, 2023
Why do we fast? How is it that growth in prayer is dependent on fasting? We answer these questions as well as how to avoid the numerous pitfalls related to physical, mental, and spiritual obstacles that fasting presents to us. Finally, you will learn 6 reasons every man must fast to grow in holiness and to be the man God created you to be.

Why You Fail at Lent and How to Fix it (w/ Devin Schadt)

February 8, 2023
How many times have you stated, "This Lent will be different."? Only to find yourself failing, frustrated, and humbled by the second or third week. Today, Devin Schadt joins us as we discuss why this happens, what men always forget about when it comes to Lent, and how we can actually make lasting change this year. He has written an incredible devotional book to guide anyone during Lent and we touch on this as well.

From Clutter Free to Convert w/ T.K. Coleman

February 1, 2023
From well-known minimalist to Catholic convert, the depth of wisdom, life experience, and transformation to Christ shared with us by T.K. Coleman is worth every second. What is minimalism and how does it align uniquely with our Catholic understanding of living a devout life? Today T.K. shares with us how to live a flourishing life, how to become a superior version of yourself each day, and how keeping your sights set on this goal brings clarity and peace to life.

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