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Fixing the Crisis of Lost Belief in the Eucharist

October 12, 2022
Today John and Sam are joined by a Knight of the Holy Eucharist, Br. Angelo, to discuss the crisis of men losing their faith in the Eucharist. This is a problem that goes to the very depths of our Faith and is a non-negotiable teaching of Catholicism. Still, we find the majority of Catholic men not understanding or even believing in Christ's real presence in the Eucharist. With the help of Our Lady, we seek to correct this error and show men a way to deepen their understanding and ultimate love of Christ.

Why Boys Are Not Becoming Men

October 5, 2022
Jason has spent years studying and defining the rites of passage boys must take to become men. He has applied this anthropological research to the teachings and lived reality of Christ and His Church, and he shares his discovery with us. The author of Leaving Boyhood Behind, he explains to us how societies have been built around raising boys to adult maturity through recognizable passages and more importantly how our society is lacking in providing these necessary stages of initiation.

Fighting Hackers with Our Lady’s Help

September 28, 2022
Today John and Sam are joined by the man who recovered our Instagram page from a hacker in India. We discuss the situation this hacker put us in, privacy concerns in the digital space, and how to protect yourself and your identity. We also hear some miraculous stories of how God brought him back into the Church and continues to guide him today. Finally, you will learn how Our Lady has provided us men both a sword to combat evil as well as a shield to protect ourselves from demonic attacks

Aliens and the Catholic Church w/ Dr. Paul Thigpen

September 21, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John have an intriguing conversation about extraterrestrial intelligence (aliens) and what the Catholic Church has to say about them! We are joined by Dr. Paul Thigpen to discuss what saints and philosophers have argued about for centuries, as well as what it means to us as baptized Catholic men. When placing the possibility of alien existence against the Catholic faith, we enjoy learning and deepening our faith on truths such as human beings created in the Image of God, the fallen nature of man, and our relationship to God's universe.

5 Sacramentals Every Man Needs and Why

September 15, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John is joined by Jordan Watwood, friend, and director at Everything Catholic to discuss 5 incredible sacramentals of Holy Mother Church and the devotions that go along with them. We go into how beneficial they are for us in the battle against Satan and sins of the flesh, and why every man hoping to become a part of the Church Triumphant is encouraged to pick up these weapons of the Church. 

Your Questions on Masculinity and Catholicism Answered

September 7, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John converse about how to love your coworkers who use the Lord's name in vain often, how to stay committed to prayer, physical and mental health, and if every man should grow a beard. We are answering your questions today!

The Last Knight of Christendom

August 31, 2022
We are excited to be joined by an expert on Bl. Emperor Karl, David Ross, to help inform and instruct us on how we can learn from his holy life and Christ like example. Bl. Karl was elevated to the throne as Emperor of the Austrian Hungarian Empire in 1916 in the midst of the War to End All Wars, WWI. We discuss how he virtuously and heroically balanced his life as a Catholic Emperor, loving husband, and passionate father. He knew great suffering having been betrayed by his friend, forced into exile without his children, and ultimately dying at the young age of 35. He is a saint for modern men, join us.

A Catholic Man 24/7, Beyond Sunday

August 24, 2022
Today John and Sam are joined by his Excellency, Bishop James Conley. Bishop Conley was an agonistic listening to the Grateful Dead and ultimately converted to Catholicism during his college years. We discuss the balance of the liturgy in his diocese that has the FSSP seminary (Latin Mass) as well as Novus Ordo Mass. He shares what it has been like to be a Bishop and how to regain authentic masculinity in the Church and society today.

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