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A Convert’s Journey to Fixing Bad Catholic Music

January 25, 2023
It has been used for centuries to elevate and to glorify the Mass, memorize Scripture, and harnessed as a weapon against Satan. Although we see little evidence of this in the modern context, men must understand that music has been given pride of place in the Divine Liturgy. Today, Sam and John are joined by a composer, convert, and man of wisdom, Paul Jernberg, who is working to correct bad Church music and restore the glory of music once again.

The Importance of Choosing to Live with Intention and Purpose

January 18, 2023
We all struggle to actively live with purpose and intention day in and day out. Today Sam and John are joined by a military veteran, teacher, and woodworker, Paul Hyatt, who explains the richness of his life and how he lives each day with significance. The strength of society is dependent on men living to their fullest, who strive, regardless of their shortcomings or struggles, to live each day with meaning and purpose.

What Men Can do for Life (w/ Sr. Agnus Dei)

January 16, 2023
We connect with Sr. Agnus Dei to learn about her discernment in becoming a religious sister, how she walks with women daily, and an exciting March for Life Event the Sisters of Life are hosting.

The Real Story Why Planned Parenthood Left Missouri

January 11, 2023
We learn from Pro-Life leader, Brett Attebery, how Thrive Women's Health strategically worked to end abortions in St. Louis. We discuss how this approach is repeatable and how it effectively works to help and change the hearts and minds of women in need.

Interview with Acclaimed Pro-Life Leader, Brett Attebery

January 11, 2023
We are joined today by Brett Attebery, President of Heroic Media, to discuss how Thrive Women's Health worked to strategically end abortions in St. Louis. Brett is the author of a new book, Your Pro-Life Bottom Line, and a convert to the Faith. He tells the dramatic story of how he entered the Church and how he was healed from a previous abortion. We finish with what all of us can be doing to achieve similar victories for the Pro-Life movement.

How to Avoid Failure at Your New Year’s Resolutions (w/ Fr. David Abernethy)

December 28, 2022
This time of year is filled with thoughts of change and renewal. Men take upon themselves resolutions to better their lives, however, the majority of these resolutions fail. Why do they fail and what purpose of resolutions is lacking that keeps men from moving forward in the active life? We turn to a great priest and expert in the Desert Fathers, Fr. David Abernethy, to guide us in what dispositions of the mind, intent of the will, and practices we must foster on a regular basis to find frequent growth from sin to holiness.

Things the Bible Doesn’t Tell You About The Christmas Story

December 21, 2022
Today Sam and John are joined by a Scripture scholar and man who has written two recent books on the Infancy Narratives of Christ's birth, Fr. Dwight Longenecker. We discuss the truth of the Magi, the shepherds, and other stories that have come down through centuries that are not directly found in Scripture. How many Magi were there and where do we learn that number? How were Shepherd's stories passed down to Luke, writing 50-60 years later? We discuss all of this and how learning this information can be a turning point in your life.

The Masculinity Crisis and How to Fix It

December 14, 2022
Today Sam and John are joined by a seasoned veteran who has been fighting against the downfall of true masculinity for many years, Matthew Christoff. In order to move to appropriate solutions, we first assess and diagnose the crisis of masculinity in the Catholic Church as well as society. After discussing the downfall over the years we go into effective and lasting solutions that men need to make and implement today.

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