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From Grateful Dead to Catholic Bishop

August 17, 2022
Today John and Sam are joined by his Excellency, Bishop James Conley. Bishop Conley was an agonistic listening to the Grateful Dead and ultimately converted to Catholicism during his college years. We discuss the balance of the liturgy in his diocese that has the FSSP seminary (Latin Mass) as well as Novus Ordo Mass. He shares what it has been like to be a Bishop and how to regain authentic masculinity in the Church and society today.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and Being a Holy Man

August 10, 2022
In this audio conversation, Sam is joined by the Director of the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Missionary Society, Allan Smith. We discuss who Fulton Sheen was and how his teaching and habits are still creating dynamic ripple effects that transform the lives of innumerable today. Find out how Archbishop Fulton Sheen can help you grow in a relationship with Christ as a man.

Masculinity, Perseverance, and Vocation with Fr. Roger Landry

August 3, 2022
Today we are joined by a well-known priest and author to men, Fr. Roger Landry. We discuss his call to the priesthood, the abuse scandal in Boston, and how to avoid effeminacy as a man. We often associate effeminacy with men acting like women, but the reality, as St. Thomas Aquinas teaches, it is the vice directly opposed to perseverance and courage. How does this show itself today and how can we as men reject this vice?

Racism and the Catholic Church Today (w/Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers)

July 27, 2022
Today Sam and John are joined by a dynamic speaker and expert on the subject of racism, Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers. We are all aware of the ideological movements involving race in our society today, the Black Lives Matter Movement, Critical Race Theory, and White Privilege to name a few. So how are we as Catholic men supposed to navigate this very delicate and often heated topic? How do we avoid taking a passive, avoidance, or even subservient role on this issue and instead bring love and Christ into the conversation?

Why Society Depends on Strong Men (w/ Anthony Esolen)

July 20, 2022
Today Sam and John are joined by an incredible Catholic man, professor, and author, Dr. Anthony Esolen. In his new book, "No Apologies: Why Civilization Depends on the Strength of Men", he gets straight to the point from history, societal development, biology, and observation. He goes to the core of masculinity to return to men the joy of their manliness. We live in distorted times and this conversation is just scratching the surface of the truth that all men must understand.

Life Lessons from a Navy SEAL

July 13, 2022
Today Sam and John are joined by an incredible Catholic man and former Navy SEAL Officer, Sam Blair. We get to learn from Sam about how living a life of dedication and service can provide purpose, uniformity with God's will, and an opportunity to understand the depths of greatness. We go into learning from our failures and difficulties, as well as the importance of sacrifice and having a heart for our families and others.

True Freedom in these Difficult Times

July 6, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss how we can live well and thrive in these times. We share thoughts on how to avoid the temptation to complain and buckle under the pressures of job security, political issues, mounting inflation, and taking care of those closest to you. The Church in her wisdom has given us the roadmap that can be used by every man living today.

7 Ways Men Can Love Christ in the Eucharist

June 29, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss how men can embrace, deepen their commitment, and constantly grow in love with Christ in the Eucharist. We touch on seven truths that help men better accept this reality and why loving Christ in the Eucharist is the highest pursuit that men can set forth as members of the Church Militant.

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