Distrust of Bishops, Manly Music, Dumb Phones, and More

March 8, 2022
In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John received dozens and dozens of your questions about being a Catholic and a man and provide answers today. We get questions about distrusting your bishop, getting on the same page as your wife, using dumb phones, dating before marriage, and a lot more.

How to Drink Like a Saint

September 6, 2021
While researching Drinking With the Saints, I was looking for what drinks I could recommend on certain feast days of the liturgical year. What I did not expect to discover was a lesson in how to drink them. That lesson can be distilled into five key points. To drink like a saint—that is, to enjoy alcohol the way it was meant by God to be enjoyed—one must drink…


March 9, 2021


March 9, 2021

Fathers, Don’t Tap Out

September 22, 2020
The kids were out of control and so were the bills, my relationship with my wife felt strained, and I honestly didn’t think I could handle the stress at work anymore. I’ll never forget the day it all seemed to come crashing together. It looked like an ugly self-portrait, an American Gothic with me holding […]

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